Stocastic Event Flood Model for Hydrologic Risk Analysis

MGS Engineering Consultants Specializes in hydrologic analyses for Dam Design, Dam Safety, and Hydrologic Risk Assessments

  • Stochastic Flood Modeling for Hydrologic Risk Assessment
  • PMP/PMF Studies
  • Precipitation Magnitude-Frequency Studies for Spillway Design Modeling
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation Methods for Quantifying Hydrologic Uncertainty


SEFM is a Stochastic Processor that can be Adapted to Many Hydrologic Models Currently in Use today Including:


SEFM Overview

SEFM and PMF Approach Comparison

Application of SEFM to Folsom Dam on the American River California

January 2013, NRC Workshop Reports






Stochastic Event Flood Model (SEFM)


Example Reservoir Elevation Magnitude-Frequency Curve Developed Using SEFM

SEFM was featured in Mathematical Models of Small Watershed Hydrology and Applications
 Edited by Vijay P. Singh and Donald K. Frevert